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Social Media

Social media has become one of the greatest tools to market your business. We highly recommend you invest in online Advertising as a powerful tool to stay up to date with the latest techniques to market your business successfully.

Our company provides cutting edge digital marketing and advertising to communicate your business information in the most effective way. The outcome is that you grow your brand and increase exposure to your audience. You will be able to see exactly who your target customers are which leads to more effective customer service, sales, opportunities and many more. Choose us, to help you give your business a voice.

Project Management

Planning takes time; something most businesses do not always have much of.

Do you have a project that needs to proceed under an established budget, within a specific time frame and objectives?

netMARKETing Consulting Services work efficient in all we do to optimise our productivity at a minimal cost, to ensure we manage your projects with excellence. We have experience in project management and can use our skills to reach your business goals.

Managing your projects, we will start by initiating the project with the needed case and feasibility study. Thereafter we will plan thoroughly by mapping out each step and organize all the details, before starting to execute your project. During the whole execution phase, we monitor and control each step, to ensure a successful project closure.

Website design

Keep up with the latest technology, by simply creating an impressionable website for your business. Convince website visitors that they should become your customers by displaying who you are as a successful, trustworthy and experienced business in the market.

Our company works with experienced website developers to create an eye-catching website for your business that is focused on meeting your customer needs and making sure your business is displayed in a professional way. By experience we have seen our website to reach more credibility, website visitors and even increased in interested clients. We can help you establish a high-quality website that is easy to navigate, keeps your customers informed and provides space to grow your target audience.


Hiring the right employees for your business will establish a sense of stability in the workplace. When appointing a person, you need to make sure they are going to thrive in that position by using their knowledge and skills to help build your organisation.

Our team are accredited by APSO and boast in our experience in recruiting elite employees throughout the years. netMARKETing does your recruiting for you, by looking for employees that will benefit your organisation and fit into your workplace. We approach, interview and refer possible candidates to you to do further interviews and appointments.

Customer Relations Management

Your customers need to know you have their best interest at heart, by proving that you are reliable, trustworthy and manage your own business in a professional way. Making sure you establish a steadfast relationship with your current or protentional customers is of utmost importance when doing business with them.

This is where we thrive in customer relationship management on your behalf, having experience and knowledge in this area. We do not only want to help you gain more customers, but our focus is to help you maintain and build stronger relationships with your current customers for long-term business relationships with them.

Values Training

Invest in your organisation by making sure your employees have a strong sense of values that corelates with your work environment. Value training contributes to the staff on a personal and professional manner, when being trained which values they should carry out and contribute to the workplace.

We can help your employees become aware of the core values in your workplace with the right knowledge and training throughout the organisation. Not only will this improve productivity, reliability and quality, but the individuals will personally benefit from the training by being positive and accountable to another.

Leadership Training

Leaders set the pace and direction for the journey where other people follow. Being able to maximize efficiency and reach goals are very important in the marketplace and will ensure that your organisation keeps growing and moving forward.

We are here to share our professional knowledge and skills on being an efficient leader in your workplace. Your members will learn soft skills to positively influence employees by learning how to communicate, build relationships, be innovative and inspire people to engage in your goals. Let us help you create people who inspire other.

Brand Management

Managing your brand is highly important to be seen in a world that is overflowing with different brands. Your brand tells a story about who you are and what your organisation stands for- therefore you need spend time and effort in it to establish your brand for your target audience.

We supervise and monitor all the promotional activities for your particular brand to stand out and reaches its full potential. In doing this we use our experience in continually monitoring the latest marketing trends and making sure you stay ahead of your competitors. Our company does this in a professional way to build relations with the public on your behalf.

About Us

netMARKETing Consulting Services is a privately-owned company based in the Garden Route.

Are you looking to grow your business? Then netMARKETing Consulting Services is the answer! Digital Marketing is the key to unlocking your businesses untapped potential.

You will see people utilising the internet more through hand-held devices.

Our company provides cutting edge marketing techniques to promote your brand in the most effective way. Choose us, to help you give your business a voice!

With a personal customised consultative approach, we offer you the following services which will enable you to effectively utilise your time to address what really matters:

Social Media, Online Marketing,Website Design, Project/Brand/Customer Relations Management, Leadership & Values Training, Corporate Communication, Fundraising & Recruitment.

Our mission is to accelerate business potential.

We excel at streamlining less-than-efficient procedures to accelerate productivity and sales. Our proven leadership skills, strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards, and flexibility in devising proactive responses to changing socioeconomic conditions would allow us to make a significant contribution to your company.

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